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Auto Trust is the first lube analysis and diagnosis center in Myanmar. We can monitor and diagnose in high accuracy for your machinery by using condition monitoring tools, namely oil analysis and thermography analysis operated by well trained professionals from Singapore. We can offer full independent diagnostic and machinery condition monitoring services. We also believe that there is the great need for certified oil analysis and diagnosis lab to support engineering industries in Myanmar.


Our Services

How We Help

We manage to provide One-Stop solution for your equipment's lubrication problems with the following services.


Lab Analysis & Testing

  • Provide a variety of physical and chemical tests to access lubricant condition and its ability to perform, as required by the machine’s application.

  • Provide a variety of test packages to determine contamination levels and health of lubricant so you can take necessary corrective action when needed.

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Thermography Analysis

  • Technique of analyzing the thermal characteristics of an object from its infrared image, captured through non contact thermal image device.

  • Thermography Analysis allows us to see heat energy radiated by objects and can tell us how efficiently the system is working.


Oil Purification

We can provide the following oil purification services for your turbine, hydraulic / gear oil system.

  1. Particulate Matter Filtration

  2. Water / Moisture Removing

  3. Varnish Removing


Transformer Oil Care

The periodic and proper treatment of transformer oil will result in the improved properties of the entire insulating system of a power transformer and will extend the effective life-time of the asset. We can clean up the following contaminants from transformer oil.

  1. Solid Particles like rust

  2. Carbon Particles

  3. Moisture

  4. Dissolved Gas



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